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tri couches

The Power dose system is a unique reservoir in which you can dose the detergent.
This enables the liquid to go directly to the heart of the sponge to produce a perfect foam, Due to its naturally porous properties, the synthetic layer in the middle helps to penetrate the liquid and promotes the creation of foam.

bouteille eponge

Step 1 :
Wet your sponge.

bouteille eponge

Step 2 :
Put dish liquid in the Power dose.

bouteille eponge

Step 3 :
Squeeze your sponge 3 times.

bouteille eponge

Step 4 :
Enjoy your sparkling dishes!

tri couches

The synthetic sponge PLATINUM, DELICATE, Original are made respectively with 3 layers for cleaning, foaming and wiping.

Wiping :

Blue microfiber on the base of the sponge is specially designed for wiping and cleaning without leaving streaks,
for a perfect and gleaming finish.

Our FAIRY's sponges are produced with three layers made respectively for cleaning, wiping and foaming.

Foaming :

The green, synthetic, porous layer in the middle of sponge guarantees a perfect foaming.
Our unique construction of sponges with a POWER DOSE system allows the introduce of dish liquid directly into the heart of the sponge. The specific porosity of the green layer contributes to increases synergy between air and dish liquid.

Our FAIRY's sponges are produced with three layers made respectively for cleaning, wiping and foaming.

Cleaning :

The abrasive on the external part of the sponge is specially designed for cleaning. Depending on the type of dish to be cleaned, you can chose one of the 3 options available in the FAIRY range :

  • DELICATE ( blue ) for cleaning delicate dishes. - FAIRY’s DELICATE sponge, FAIRY’s DELICATE profiled sponge.
  • Original (green) - for classic cleaning of all type of dishes - FAIRY’s Original sponge, FAIRY’s original profiled sponge, FAIRY’s COLOURS profiled sponge.
  • PLATINUM (sliver) - for intensive cleaning of very dirty dishes.- FAIRY’s PLATINUM sponge, FAIRY’s PLATINUM profiled sponge.



No more worrying about germs on your sponge ! Fairy designed a sponge with a hygienic treatment*.
This sponge has been developed to help decrease bacteria growth.
Your sponge will stay fresh and clean longer for efficient use up to 100 rinses !


*Safe for skin and health.



Grease is everywhere in your kitchen : on your plates, ceramic hob,  workplace… and in your sponge ! Generally, the grease stays in your abrasive scourer and promotes bacteria growth. Fairy sponge with superb grease cutting formula makes dishwashing easier.
Your sponge is protected from grease and oil and stays clean longer.